For weddings we can offer as little or as much as the bride and groom would like. Because we offer catering and event planning as separate services, you can take as much or as little from us as you wish. At one end of the spectrum, we can source your venue, plan your day, find your perfect band or DJ, create the perfect menu, run the bar, and everything in between. At the other, we could supply a simple buffet.

You may already have an absolute idea of what you would like your big day to include. In this case, you give us the information, we'll give you a quote. On the other hand, you may not have a clue! Fancy a festival style wedding? Picnic baskets in a field? Pie & mash with mushy peas? Or maybe a big country spread of local produce.

We've created all of the above, and more. You won't faze us! :)

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Musical Shenanigans!


We've run several small festivals of our own over the years. Many before Events Horizon was even born. And as we love music as much as we love food, we love to showcase as much live music as we can(and preferably sneak some dinner in there somewhere too). We have regularly catered at Barn on the Farm festival and Tonefest. We are also the backstage hospitality crew & artist caterers for the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury and well as catering for lots of smaller festivals!

Nunney Acoustic Cafe

Nunney Acoustic Cafe has been our baby for the past 10+ years (yes, Beth was 11 when it started!). It's aim is to provide a stage for anyone wishing to perform music or spoken word and we pride ourselves on being the most welcoming venue we know. The Cafe takes place on the second Sunday of every month (except for July & August when we are off gallivanting around the festivals of the south-west) and we offer excellent food (of course), a well stocked bar, activities for kids in the art room with George, and we even provide you with Newspapers!

...And everything else!

Parties, corporate catering, celebrations - we do all shapes and sizes. So get in contact with us (no matter what it is, you won't sound silly) and ask some questions. We're nice - promise!