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In September 2011, Keren Hayden decided to put her previous forays in catering and events to good use and turn her passion into her livelihood. She wanted a company name that encapsulated all she intended to do, and in discussions with her scientist husband who pointed out that the logistics of events was like all the black matter you can't see in space, they decided that what she wanted to create was the bit that held all the black matter together ... the event horizon. One little tweak and Events Horizon was born.

The trouble was, that Keren was so good at catering that the events started to take a backseat as her work calendar was getting full to bursting with weddings here and festivals there. Keren decided there was only one person for the job of Events Manager at the company - her daughter, Beth, who had previously run many events by herself with her previous company, Unheard Promotions. This was Beth's ideal job - events is her passion and her Mum is her best friend ... Events Horizon was re-born!

Keren Hayden & Beth Monk are the Mother & Daughter dream team! Beth says Keren is an incredible self-taught chef with a natural flare for real hearty food that makes you feel at home. Keren says Beth is a savvy 21-year-old with her head screwed on tight and a real passion for events. If passion and natural flare is what you want - hello!


From catering a dinner party to organising a music festival for your wedding, Events Horizon is here to help. No matter how small, no matter how big, from a bit of a cake to the whole flipping gig! 

We can source all that you need for parties, gigs, conferences, and we cook the food ourselves, too, so if you've got special diets to be catered for we can sort it all out for you - your local one-stop shop.

How Events Horizon was born and came to be what it is today